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Green Building
Our first energy efficient addition in 2005 helped us rethink the way we build. Owner Jim Meehleder trained extensively in green building and renewable energy techniques and immediately started applying them to our business. He found that finding new and greener ways of building is not only better for our environment, but helps to dramatically cut energy costs simply by utilizing very basic resources.

Turn Key Builders, Inc. built the first Tier III ENERGY STAR® Certified home in Massachusetts and we are currently building one in the Berkshires. With rising energy costs and the welfare of our planet in mind, we have changed the way we build.
We are committed to educating our clients in the benefits of great design, energy savings, and green building techniques and products. Building adequately insulated homes that are designed with energy efficiency in mind is the future and present of building. Amazingly enough, green building does not need to cost much more than standard building because it’s a matter of choosing the right materials.

If you are thinking of building a home, we will help you make the right choices for a better more efficient home. Come to us with your visions and ideas and we’ll design it or come with your plans in hand and we will make your dream home a reality.

Not interested in moving?  We can also retrofit your existing home and give you that dream “Green” home you’ve always wanted without renting that moving van!

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